Image of Springtime of the Spirit (The Great War)


Image of Springtime of the Spirit (The Great War)

Lang masterfully weaves historical facts and figures with post-war promise and love. When values are threatened, people may question God. Lang reminds readers that He always has a plan. This is the third in Lang’s Great War series.

While the war is over, Germany is not at peace. After a brief visit home, Major Christophe Brecht heads to Munich in search of a family friend, Annaliese Duray. Annaliese is working to give women a voice in government, believing that peace will come with equality. As political unrest grows, Christophe tries to convince her that true peace can only come from God. Will Annaliese fight her growing attraction to Christophe or will she learn to trust God to lead? (TYNDALE, Mar., 384 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Leslie L. McKee