Desperate to leave the East after her elderly husbands death, Evangeline Keating accepts the proposal made by a distant cousin through marriage, Big John Keating. With her young daughter Abigail, she travels to Montana to be his bride. Only it isnt Big John who comes to greet her.

With Big John away on a cattle drive until spring, Scully Wainwright is the only one left to meet Evangeline. Despite his best intentions and his strong sense of honesty he is immediately smitten with the widow and her child.

Evangeline finds herself drawn to Scully and in need of his advice, help and protection on the isolated Montana prairie. Indians, wolves, arrows and the harsh climate make her need for a good, strong, kind, loving man even more difficult to deny.

As time passes they are unable to resist their mutual need, but what can they do when they find that Big John is on his way back to Springwater?

Linda Lael Miller captures not only the ambiance of a small western town, but the need for love, companionship and kindness that is within all of us. She beautifully portrays Evangeline and Scullys dilemma and then brightens the story with Abigails antics and an ending that is heartwarming. SPRINGWATER is what Americana romance is all about. SENSUAL (Jan., 290 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin