Christmas is the perfect time of year to return to Springwater Station and the unforgettable characters weve come to know and love through Linda Lael Millers Springwater series. With this tale of a prodigal son, Ms. Miller opens our hearts to a tender and beautiful story.

June-Bug and Jacob McCaffrey, the original settlers and backbone of the community, carry the pain of losing their sons during the Civil War. They dont let their private sorrows stop them from loving the townsfolk or adopting young Toby.

But a strangers arrival will change not only their lives but that of Olivia Darling, who runs a boarding house and is reconciled to the lonely life of a stubborn, independent single woman.

Jack McLaughlin comes to Springwater for many reasons, but not to fall in love. Yet, he understands Olivias sadness, as it mirrors his own pain. He hopes to confront and excise his demons by facing the past and in turn Olivia helps open his heart to love.

Springwater has become synonymous with heartwarming Americana romance with the spark of sensuality Linda Lael Miller is famous for. Readers will glory in this new addition to the series with the extension of new characters and answers to questions about the McCaffreys. Most of all it is wonderful to visit with people we have come to know and love during the season when family, community and forgiveness are important. Linda Lael Miller has once more given us a gift of love. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin