Following her divorce, Maggie McCaffery pursues her dream by returning home to Springwater, Montana and converting the old Springwater Station into a B&B. With the project nearly complete, Maggie will soon be ready for business.

Following the shooting death of his partner and his own severe injury, J.T. Wainwright has left the NYPD and has returned home to his ranch.

Marshall Purvis Diggs is worried. There have been a series of incidents, accidents and just plain sabotage, plaguing the ranchers in the area. Unable to find the culprits, Purvis fears that it will escalate into murder, just like it did years earlier when J.T.s father was shot.

Adding to the state of confusion that hangs over Springwater are the various romantic entanglementsand potential new ones that are blossoming. Both love and danger are in the air of this town.

Mega-selling author Linda Lael Miller moves into contemporary fiction with her new hardcover release. Fans of this talented author will be thrilled to join the action, suspense and romance portrayed in this book. (Apr., 304 pp., $23.05)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith