Image of Spun By Sorcery (Sugar Maple Chronicles, Book 3)


Image of Spun By Sorcery (Sugar Maple Chronicles, Book 3)

A wonderful, magical story that is even more entertaining if the previous books have been read. This picks up seamlessly from the end of Laced With Magic. Though non-knitters may find some of the conversations incomprehensible, the knitting is integral to the story.

Chloe Hobbs, half-human sorceress in training, de facto mayor of Sugar Maple, Vt., and owner of Sticks and Strings yarn shop, is looking forward to a future with the love of her life, Police Chief Luke MacKenzie. She has to put that future on hold when Sugar Maple disappears. Rejoicing when her friend Janice arrives with Penelope the cat, they set out to discover what happened to their town. The answer seems to be in Salem, and it becomes apparent someone doesn’t want them to arrive there. Once they do, strange things start happening, including a trip to a lost lighthouse, a journey to the past and the discovery of the history of Sugar Maple that will lead to its reappearance — or loss — forever. (BERKLEY, Nov., 325 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley