Image of Spy Games


Image of Spy Games

Robinson delivers an entertaining
story of stalking, spying, secret identities and hidden agendas. The heroine
is fun to know and smart in her plans to take care of herself. The hero is engaging, and the secondary characters are quite interesting.

Determined to protect herself from her psycho ex-boyfriend, Ket, Reilly Peterson attends a three-day Fantasy Spy Camp. There she meets Van Keller, a professor of mathematics -- or so he says. After one of her fellow campmates asks her to do him a favor, Reilly finds herself drawn into a situation she never imagined. When a body is found on the first day of camp, Reilly feels Ket might be involved, and things become complicated. Van is determined to protect Reilly, but what can a mathematics professor do against gun-toting thugs? Apparently, quite a lot. (ZEBRA, Dec., 333 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley