The spring of 1370 finds trouble brewing for Owen Archer and his wife, Lucie. Archer has been on a mission for John of Gaunt in Wales, but now a stonemason who completed the tomb for his father-in-law has been murdered and the matter must be settled. He sends Brother Michaelo to Lucie to inform her of her father's death.

Lucie journeys to her father's estate, but danger lurks and she soon finds herself in a perilous position. In the meantime, Archer's absence has angered the Archbishop of York, who orders his return. However, rebel leader Owain Lawgoch fully intends to press Archer into service, even if he never returns home!

Based on historical fact, A SPY FOR THE REDEEMER is a sumptuous read, bound to thrill lovers of historical novels. The story is more adventure than thriller, but those who love a rousing tale will not be disappointed. (Jan., 320 pp., $12.95) Hardcover published April 2002.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg