Image of Spy in the Saddle (Harlequin Intrigue\HQ: Texas)


Image of Spy in the Saddle (Harlequin Intrigue\HQ: Texas)

SPY IN THE SADDLE (4) by Dana Marton: FBI agent Lilly Tanner was sent by her superiors to see if the SDDU — a top-secret commando team — should be disbanded. Lilly plans to be professional and keep her distance from SDDU agent Shep Lewis, even if she did have a teenage crush on him when he worked as her parole officer way back when. Too bad the sexy spy is hotter than ever. Shep hates the fact that he’s attracted to the girl who nearly ruined her life years before. How much unhappier will he be when he finds out that she has the ability to disband his unit? But, more than that, he needs Lilly’s help to find the terrorist smuggling weapons and men into the United States. Marton’s got the whole package of sexy spies, international intrigue and simmering sexuality to draw readers in.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper