In 1814, Napoleon's defeat is inevitable, and Britain begins delicately planning for the future. Those plans include pitting the Russians and Austrians against each other. Into this dangerous gambit of spies and counter spies comes the Anglo-Jewish house of Roth-Meyer, Julien Clermont and innocent Serena Allen.

Julien must insinuate himself into Lord Barrington's household and discover if the lord is passing information to Britain's enemy. He easily finds his way into the manor, where he encounters Serena, and his mission becomes complicated by love. Can Julian somehow tell Serena the truth without compromising his work? And just who is giving information away and why?

Not as fast-paced or exciting as its predecessors in the series, The Spy's Kiss covers the inner workings of democracy and the hidden danger of spying during a "quiet" time of war. Abrams explores a world ignored by many Regency authors, delivering a different and intriguing story that will surely add depth to readers' knowledge of the era. SENSUAL (Mar., 420 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin