Professional baseball player Risk Kincaid has one interest outside of baseball: capturing the heart of the eccentric Jacy Grayson, whose free spirit has held him captive since their days in high school. He has been her "rebound lover" for years and despite his fame and fortune, he is still missing that part of life that makes it worth living -- the woman he loves.

Little does he know that Jacy has been faking breakups since their first night together and has only had eyes for him since. But her fears that he will reject her if she reveals her true feelings continue to hold her at bay.

The first in a new series about a professional baseball team, Angell's novel brings readers "home" with a tale of love and self-discovery. Angell's characters are easy to relate to because each has his or her own unique personalty. She does a wonderful job of weaving the plots together and keeping each relationship distinctive. With fun, strong characters and multiple plots, this novel is sure to take readers on a roller coaster of emotions and leave them satisfied at the end. (Jun., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison