This second book in Mancusi's vampire series focuses on spunky twin
sister Rayne. The writing is full of teenisms (some already dated), and Rayne tends to digress too much -- it's Mancusi's job to keep her on point. There's good tension between Rayne and Jareth, and the girls' hopefulness toward their father is heart-wrenching and frustrating.

Rayne, Sunny's twin sister, has just received news more shocking than having her sister mistaken for her and therefore bitten by the world's hottest vampire leader and permanently turned into a vampire. Rayne learns that she is this generation's vampire slayer. Her first job is to expose the vampire who's been spreading a blood disease -- and figure out why he's doing it. Oh yeah, and try not to fall for Jareth, whom she can't decide whether to like or hate. (Berkley Jam, Dec., 288 pp., $9.99, ISBN: 0425212106, 12 and Up, TR)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris