In the newest chapter of her outstanding suspense series, author Faye Kellerman turns the focus from her usual main characters, Peter and Rina Decker, to the next generation of Deckers. Cindy, Peters daughter from his first marriage, is now an LAPD rookie, and shes being harassed because shes new and female, with the added fact that her fathers a ranking Lieutenant. But soon Cindy begins to suspect shes also being stalked.

Peter is investigating a series of car-jackings that might be linked to the murder of Armand Crayton, a member of Cindys health club. Cindy was there when someone took a shot at him in the parking lot, and what she observed might hold the key. Then her apartment is trashed, and Cindy realizes her stalker is growing more dangerous. For a rookie cop, Cindy has managed to get herself deeply entwined in a very complicated case.

The extremely gifted Ms. Kellerman opens up a new vista of storytelling possibilities by focusing her newest tale on Cindy. As always, the suspense and characterizations are terrific. (Jul., 416 pp, $7.99—Hardcover published August 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith