Image of Stalker Girl


Image of Stalker Girl

Readers will fall in love with Carly and Brian but after their break-up, be both horrified and intrigued as a formerly ‘nice girl’ spirals out of control when a new girl enters her ex-boyfriend’s life. A cautionary tale for anyone who dates in the age of the Internet and is unable to disconnect even when it is time to say goodbye.

While away at summer camp, Carly meets and falls in love with Brian. From their first meeting to their fairytale courtship and blissful relationship, it seems like everything is perfect between them. They are inseparable during vacation, but returning to New York City with the stress of school and life causes problems. Because of Carly’s insecurities the couple eventually breaks up and Brian moves on to a new girl, Taylor Deen. Carly becomes obsessed with learning everything she can about Taylor and eventually starts to stalk the other girl. But just how far is Carly willing to go in order to worm her way back into Brian’s life? (Viking, Aug., 208 pp., $16.99)  

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Morgan Doremus