Kramer's background as
a TV news producer brings realism to her debut novel about a TV reporter who gets a cold case to investigate. Great characters and a well-constructed, chilling plot make this
a thoroughly satisfying novel. Riley is
a character you will love, and this page-turner is difficult to put down. It ranks
as one of the best debut novels I've encountered.

Years ago, two women named Susan were killed on the same date, one year apart. The case is dead as far as the police are concerned, but retiring homicide detective Nick Garnett thinks it could be the work of a serial killer. He gives the case to his friend, TV reporter Riley Spartz, hoping her investigative prowess will turn up something the cops missed. Riley uncovers evidence that suggests a man may have been convicted for a murder he didn't commit, as subtle threats she receives hint that she might be getting close to the truth. (Doubleday, Jul., 240 pp., $22.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jo Peters