Image of Stand-in Wife


Image of Stand-in Wife

STAND-IN WIFE (4) by Karina Bliss: After her twin sister Merry breaks her leg, Vivienne Jansen pretends to be her so that Merry’s estranged husband won’t know she was interviewing for a job out of town. But when Merry’s mother-in-law dies with Vivienne in the house, Viv is stuck pretending to be Merry for even longer while she helps plan the funeral, takes care of her sister’s kids, fends off the advances of her sister’s husband, who suddenly wants to reconcile, and deals with his half-brother, Ross, to whom she’s always been attracted. Well-drawn characters and a fun story make for a lively read. Vivienne’s personality — and her mimicry of her sister’s — is particularly well done. And the attraction between Viv and Ross sparks.

Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay