Just when divorced mom and aspiring country & western singer Maggie Reid thought she had her life back under control, her ex-husband, Vernell Spivey, gets himself into major trouble. A body is discovered in his truck, and Vernell quickly becomes the primary suspect.

Since her last escapade with the law, Maggie has been dancing around a possible relationship with hunky police Det. Marshall Weathers. However, her insistence on Vernells innocence and meddling in police affairs is not winning any points. Then a mysterious P.I. named Tony Carlucci turns up and confuses things even more, because the man Vernell is accused of killing was a member of the Red Neck Mafia. By then, even if Maggie wanted to stay out of this mess, other forces are not about to let her.

Maggies back, and ready to rumble! Nancy Bartholomew creates memorable, witty characters, and the Maggie Reid series is guaranteed fun! (May, 240 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith