When Texas TV reporter Tiel McCoy gets the breaking news that Sabra Dendy, the teenage daughter of millionaire Russell Dendy, has been abducted by Ronald Davison, another student at her high school, she stops at a convenience store to call her station. Tiel learns that Sabra is eight months pregnant with Ronnie's baby.

Tiel hangs up the phone just as Sabra and Ronnie enter the store, brandishing a gun. However, as he prepares to rob the store, Sabra's water breaks and she admits she's been in labor all day.

Tiel tries to convince Ronnie to let Sabra go to the hospital but both teenagers adamantly refuse. One of the hostages, a tall, handsome cowboy called Doc, works with Tiel to keep the situation calm and does his best to help Sabra.

The situation becomes explosive when the FBI and Sabra's father arrive. Tiel knows she has the story of a lifetime if she can only survive the ordeal.

STANDOFF is a tension-filled read that is so hot the pages will singe your fingers. The fear is almost palpable, making this a real nail-biter of a book. (May, 224 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg