Image of Standoff at Mustang Ridge


Image of Standoff at Mustang Ridge

STANDOFF AT MUSTANG RIDGE (4.5) by Delores Fossen: It’s been more than a month since deputy sheriff Royce McCall and socialite Sophie Conway woke up naked in a motel together with neither remembering the events of the previous night. Now, he finds her shivering in his family’s abandoned cabin, holding a gun and claiming someone is trying to kill her — and now him. Royce swears to protect her from the person who wants her dead, whether that’s the locally violent loan shark, her financially struggling father or the fiancé she betrayed by sleeping with Royce. Fossen has both hands on the throttle and no brake in sight in a story that has the force of a runaway train steaming down the tracks toward the climax.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper