Colonial beauty Diana Fairbourne has come to London to capture a husband and indeed, the Marquess of Roxby proposes to her. But as the wedding draws near, Diana begins to have misgivings. First there is a note warn-ing her of Roxbys philandering and then she meets a handsome, daring stranger in the woods who opens her eyes to passion.

James Durham is recuperating from injuries incurred when he saved a vessel from the French. James is attracted to Diane and her outspoken Yankee ways, the very qualities that infuriate Roxby.

A mischievous, matchmaking kitten named Star Bright pushes Diana and James together. Falling in love is simple, but finding a way to escape her impending marriage to Roxby, a man she now sees as overbearing, selfish and ruthless, is more difficult.

As the companion to Starlight, STAR BRIGHT twinkles just as brightly with shining humor, poignancy and magical charm that enchants. Ms. Jarretts ability to always draw the reader into a fast-paced tale peopled with likable and realistic characters and a thrilling plot is a crowning achievement, and STAR BRIGHT delivers what readers expect from this colonial romance luminary. SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin