Susan Krinard continues her meteoric rise to super-stardom with yet another electrifying romance of high adventure and sizzling passion.

For years Ariane Burke-Marchand has been haunted by the memory of Rook Galloway, the handsome young Kalian raised from poverty and trained at the direction of her grandfather as a space pilot. Why did he and the other Kalians turn on the powerful Marchand family that gave them shelter after their own planet became inhospitable? Still unable to accept Rook's guilt for the murder of her brother during the Kalian riots, she decides to travel to the prison planet of Tantalus and confront him once again.

For Rook, Ariane's visit offers the perfect opportunity for escape. By taking her hostage aboard her own starship he will be able to force her grandfather, the Patriarch, to make suitable reparations to his people. But will he be able to stick to his ruthless plan? Each time he looks into her eyes, passion blazes between them. How can he feel this way about a Marchand?

A truly fresh and innovative writer, Ms. Krinard takes easy command of the futuristic romance format to bring us breathtaking excitement and unmitigated reading pleasure. (Aug., 448 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
M. Helfer