Image of Star Crossed Seduction (Astrology)


Image of Star Crossed Seduction (Astrology)

Astrology adds a twist when two secretive Scorpios clash. After a slow start, battle lines are drawn exciting the tale, but some motivations and character development require a reader’s leap of faith to follow these lovers on their path to love.

Temperance Smith, known as Tem, lives by her wits. She is bent on revenge against the dragoons who killed her lover. She gets caught picking the pocket of Captain Miles Trevelyan, recently returned from India. Tem inflames Trev’s desire. Believing she shares his passion, he is stunned when she flees. He hunts for the woman he cannot forget. His mother enlists the aid of an astrologer who has opened a refuge for homeless young women to find her son a wife. Tem has sought shelter there and when she discovers her lover has betrayed her and is alive in America, she agrees to become Trev’s mistress. Trust comes hard for these lovers as their loyalty is tested. What they have found together could save or destroy them. (AVON, Sep., 380 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Faye Harris