The saga of the Sutherlands continues as they are caught up in Americas struggle for independence.

After her horrific experience with the rebels, Tory sympathizer Annette Carey turns her home into a hospital for British soldiers.

John Patrick Sutherland has good reason to hate the English. He sails his ship, The Star Keeper, against them, striking fear into the enemy. But when his ship is damaged and he is wounded, John Patrick poses as a Redcoat and seeks refuge at Annettes home.

John Patrick is entranced with his angel of mercy and finds it difficult to believe she could be a loyalist. Annette thinks John Patrick might help her forget the horrors of the night her father was tarred and feathered, but how can she trust a rebel?

STAR KEEPER is a powerful love story, a dynamic and exciting adventure and a novel that touches on many emotional levels. Not only is this a story of lovers, but a story of the love between family. Patricia Potter has a special ability to reach into readers souls and bring out deep and very real emotions. This is her true gift and we are fortunate to receive it in the form of wondrous romances. SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin