Despite losing both his betrothed and his status as Crown Prince of the Vash Nadah to Earth-dweller Ian Hamilton, Prince Che Vedla finds himself surprisingly accepting of the situation. (It was Che's younger brother, Klark, who went off the deep end and tried to assassinate Ian.) Restoring honor to the Vedla kingdom is high on Che's political advisors' minds. Their plan: Have Che marry another princess before the royal wedding of Ian and Tee'ah. While the Council is searching for a bride, Che decides to visit Earth, the world of Ian's independent sister, Ilana.

Ilana is taken aback when an incognito Prince Che shows up on her doorstep. When Ian explains that Che is looking for a final taste of freedom, Ilana knows she is just the person to show the uptight Vash Nadah the sights. Despite knowing that Ilana is the antithesis of what a Vash Nadah princess should be, Che is attracted to her. But the Vash Nadah are just recovering from one political and royal incident; are Che and Ilana about to create another?

Sexy humor and playfulness make this tale of romance and political intrigue a hot buy! Grant gets better with each book, making THE STAR PRINCESS her best book to date. (Aug., 371 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith