Image of Star Shadows


Image of Star Shadows

Futuristic talent Hodge is back with the next generation of characters in her otherworldly saga. Although the heroes in this new tale are hardheaded, the heroine's incessant stubbornness and refusal to see other points of view makes her
a tad unsympathetic. Still, the action is intense and fans will thrill as pieces continue to fall into place. Events are building toward what must be the ultimate battle. Stay tuned!

Arielle and Alexander Phoenix are the royal offspring of the sovereign of Oasis. Their parents, wanting to spare them fear, have kept Elle and Zander in the dark about the threat of the Circe witches. Their best friend Boone knows about the evil, but he has sworn not to reveal it. This misguided protection backfires when Zander is taken and believed killed by the witches. A bitter Elle blames Boone, who sets out to discover the truth, only to disappear himself. What has become of them? It's up to Elle to find out. (LOVE SPELL, Nov., 358 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith