Image of A Star Shall Fall


Image of A Star Shall Fall

Brennan revisits the world created in Midnight Never Come, moving it forward into England’s Age of Enlightenment and using newfound discoveries in science and math to advance the plot, strengthening the link between the mortal and the fae. The worldbuilding is richly nuanced and the plot complex, with a lengthy and initially bewildering cast of characters. Readers who enjoy lush historical fiction will surely appreciate Brennan’s finesse here. Careful reading is required to avoid getting lost in the ambitious plot and wealth of detail.

The fae of Onyx Court, under the rule of Lune, are threatened by a great dragon they had thought banished to Halley’s comet nearly a century earlier. But recent astronomical discoveries reveal that the comet’s return is nigh, placing both mortal and fae London in danger. The fae’s hopes rest on the young, inexperienced shoulders of Galen St. Clair, their Stone Prince and strongest link to mortal London, as Lune, physically weakened and politically threatened, holds fast to the decaying Onyx Court. (TOR, Sep., 496 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Carter