Initially, Heather isn’t the most likable character, an actress with diva-like behavior who looks down on someone because they are working class, but that assumption slowly falls away as it becomes obvious that she’s anxious, lonely and unfulfilled. The chemistry between her and Seth is like a match to dynamite, instant and incredibly hot. The build up to their romance is volatile, explosive and once you get past all the mistaken assumptions, surprisingly emotional. The explicit nature of their relationship only adds to the themes of trust and betrayal, each new discovery between them revealing the deep desire to love and be loved, but only if done with truth and honesty.

Although she could really use the rest, Heather Wainwright has agreed to help Urban Arts Partnership with their 24-hour plays. She’s just come off of a not-so devastating breakup, and she’s horrified to learn that the devastatingly sexy man she flirts with at the opening dinner is part of the crew ... or so she assumes. Seth Rafferty isn’t interested in the hype of celebrity status, but he’s definitely considering making a move on Heather ... until she snubs him. He could easily set her straight on his real role as production designer, but opts not to. Things quickly escalate between them, with Heather fully surrendering herself while Seth continues to keep his secret. Can Heather see past his betrayal or will Seth’s lie cost them the love they deserve? (SAMHAINPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.50)
Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty