This last book in the Sisters of the Sun trilogy completes a memorable romantic fantasy when the oldest Fyne sister, Isadora, reacquaints herself with her powers.

Imprisoned by the Emperor Sebestyen, Isadora has lost all contact with her sisters, but she still believes that they can end the 300-year-old curse that has taken all of the Fyne women's lovers and husbands.

Isadora finds herself Captain Lucan Hern's object of desire. Destined to be the Prince of Swords, Lucan has been trained since boyhood to find and obtain the Star of Bacwyr. With it, he will unite the clans of Tryfyn and rule all the armies of his country. A legendary warrior, Lucan has never met defeat. And if the emperor wants his support against the rebels, he'll deliver Isadora to his bed.

While Isadora is forced into sensual battle with Lucan, her sisters have brought together their mates -- and their rebel forces. War is unavoidable, yet when the secret that Isadora has sworn to hold is revealed, the emperor throws her into Level Thirteen, the deepest hell for any woman. No one has ever returned, but for the Fyne sisters and their ancient curse, it may be where they at last discover the truth.

A brilliant finish to an exciting trilogy, Jones' novel delivers a feast of passion, magic and power at its corrupted worst. While the power of love will save some, it will destroy others. Unexpected twists to a finely wrought story wind this trio of tales into a flat-out run to the last page. Well done! VERY SENSUAL (Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Anne Black