Planning on investing in an Earth colony on Denahault, billionaire financier Harrison Fairfax is traveling there aboard the EarthFed starship Starchild. The captain of Starchild, Trieka Cavendish, is not particularly happy with the 12-hour delay Earth-lubber Fairfax has caused her. Nor does it make her happy that, after take off, she has strangely erotic dreams about him.

Fairfax has a hidden agenda and has no plans on getting involved with a woman, even though he finds himself drawn to Trieka. Still, he hopes she is not involved in what he is going to investigate. The plans EarthFed has for Denahault and what happens once they reach the planet bring about some amazing discoveries for Fairfaxabout Denahault and about his feelings for Trieka.

STARCHILD is an excellent science fiction romance. From the first page to the last, you wont want to stop. The hero and heroine are wonderful together. Dramatic, yet also humorous, this science fiction novel doesnt overwhelm you with techno-babble, but doesnt insult your intelligence either. (dl. $5.00, dk $7.50)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley