Lucky readers can discover a bright new talent in the supernatural romance genre this month, as Lynn Kurland delivers her outstanding debut, STARDUST OF YESTERDAY.

Genevieve Buchanan's life is on track and running smoothly when a surprise legacy derails her plans. What is she going to do with a castle in England?

After 700 long years, Kendrick de Piaget can finally have his revenge on the last of the Buchanans and break the curse that has bound him to Seakirk Castle for centuries. For a ghost, Kendrick has a lot of money and power; he even has his own timid attorney, Bryan McShane. Kendrick is unaware that Bryan also serves another master, someone who frightens him even more than Kendrick does.

Despite death threats uttered by a raging thirteenth-century ghostly warrior, spunky Genevieve survives her first night in the castle and is determined to stay. After centuries of threatening and destroying the Buchanan dynasty, Kendrick doesn't quite know what to make of Genevieve.

After they were murdered, Kendrick and his loyal colleagues Royce and Nazir were doomed to spend the centuries trapped in limbo. If Kendrick can get Genevieve to sign away her rights to the castle, this should break the curse and let him rest in peace. As time passes, first a tentative friendship, then an overpowering love binds Kendrick and Genevieve together. Can they build a future together despite their inability to physically touch? And what of McShane's evil master; what dark plans does he have for both Genevieve and Kendrick?

If this humorous and magical novel is any indication, Ms. Kurland seems destined for a most promising career. Brava! (Apr., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith