Multi-talented Patricia Potter sweeps readers away with a tale as poignant and tender as any she has created as she explores the risks a proud young woman will take for her family.

When all seems lost, John Marsh rescues Fancy and her sister Fortune by making Fancy his wife. She cares for him and his children with love and loyalty, but John knows he is dying and he will not leave Fancy vulnerable to his greedy brothers schemes. John is intent upon saving his family and his home, even if it means finding another man for her when he is gone.

Ian Sutherland has defied his king and been transported to the colonies as a bondsman. The proud Scotsman can deal with the indignity if he can believe that he will gain his freedom and return to find his sister.

John knows he can trust Ian, and that Fancy will need him once he is gone. Though he longs for his liberty, Ian cannot desert Fancy after Johns death. It is not nobility alone that makes him promise to stay, it is his growing passion for the strong willed, beautiful woman who will allow no one to suffer, yet will defy her evil brother-in-law to protect Johns legacy.

No matter the personal cost Ian agrees to marry Fancy when it appears that she will lose everything she holds dear. Their pact quickly becomes a contract of the heart, defying convention and bringing them the greatest gift of all.

With great compassion and a true understanding of the human spirit, Patricia Potter has crafted another memorable romance to lift your heart. SENSUAL (Dec., 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin