Image of Starfire (Demonslayers)


Image of Starfire (Demonslayers)

The ongoing battle to save Lemuria and Earth heats up in the third installment of Douglas’ sexy and sizzling Demon- slayers series. Each book has set events in motion that build off each other and provide deeper understandings of the various characters. Douglas does a great job juggling action sequences, dramatic confrontations and scintillating sex. Perfectly entertaining!

Selyn is one of the Forgotten Ones, children of the warrior women condemned to slavery a millennia ago by Alton’s father and the Council of Nine at the end of the demon war. However, as Alton, Ginny, Eddy and Dax have discovered, the demons have infiltrated Lemuria and gained control. The time for Selyn and her sisters to join forces and overthrow the council is coming — that is, if she can survive that long. Selyn is nearly beaten to death; she is saved by sexy human veterinarian Dawson Buck. Dawson has been a peripheral player in the drama, but his attraction to Selyn drives him to join the front ranks of the revolution. The odds are long; can they succeed? (ZEBRA, Apr., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith