Image of Black Moon Awakening


Image of Black Moon Awakening

Starfire< is very reminiscent of popular sci-fi TV shows from the last decade, which makes it a familiar and comfortable read for fans of the genre. Unfortunately, the pacing is like riding a motorcycle for the first time: a little jerky. The book is a sequel to Starline, which may answer some lingering questions, but as a stand-alone, it fails to deliver. The story hints several times of important happenings in Jemma’s personal history but does not address them further. Although she has a very real and relatable personality, the same cannot be said for her partner, who is just too simple in his single-minded pursuit of Jemma and “fixing” her problems. While the book lacks in several storytelling aspects, the steamy romance still manages to come off as hot and passionate, making it an excellent erotic novel.

Fiery Jemma Cardnew is forced into the academy in a century long after her own. She exceeds the expectations of an estranged friend and the rest of the academy by rocketing through training and gaining a coveted position in the Alpha squadron. The stunningly handsome Raven, another member of the Elector crew, becomes a distraction — worse, a distraction who wants to live the rest of his life with her. She can’t even begin to fathom the idea. Jemma’s strength and skills are all tested as the Elector faces off against Crick Sur Banden, the Earth Empire’s greatest enemy. (SECRETCRAVINGSPUBLISHING.COM, dl $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Abigail Ortlieb