Lilly, niece to Sovereign Alexander of Oasis, has always felt the need to help her people and justify her existence. Born of a Circe witch who murdered the sovereign's wife and infant son, only Lilly's royal bloodline saved her. With Oasis now at war, Lilly is on her way to the senate to stand in as the sovereign's representative.

When the transport ship is attacked and her protector killed, Lilly makes a bold decision to entrust her safety to a prisoner on the ship. Shaun has been condemned for avenging the murders of his parents. He too is descended from the Circe witches, but how did he survive if they kill all male children? Shaun agrees to become Lilly's official protector, which takes them on a treacherous and thrilling quest to uncover the truth about the war and Shaun's past.

Drama and betrayal are key ingredients in this pulse-pounding futuristic thriller. Hodge has created a genuinely engaging new world. Her characters are absorbing and the story is intriguing. (Apr., 384 pp., 6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith