Image of Stargazey Point: A Novel


Image of Stargazey Point: A Novel

Noble’s latest beach read arrives just in time for the season. The novel’s lush setting is the perfect backdrop for this romantic story about a woman’s recovery and journey to rediscovering friendship and love. Although the book is lazily enjoyable for the most part, there is an excessive amount of dialogue between characters, some of which eventually seems redundant and repetitive. Overall, a feel-good read for a relaxing weekend.

Desperate for a fresh start after going through a major traumatic experience, Abbie Sinclair escapes to Stargazey Point, S.C. — a desolate beach town that she hopes will aid in her recovery. There, Abbie takes up residence at a plantation with three elderly siblings, who warmly welcome her into their circle, and befriends a beguiling man who is determined to bring life back to the rundown beach town. It’s not long before Abbie once again begins to experience love — and feels like she has found a new place to call home. (MORROW, Jul., 384 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sarah Eisenbraun