Image of Starlight (Christies)


Image of Starlight (Christies)

With its powerful conflict and innovative plot twists, Lofty’s second Christie novel is mesmerizing. Her strong, three-dimensional characters’ palpable emotions touch readers on many levels while the engrossing story captivates. Watch Lofty’s star rise.

The oldest of the Christie siblings, Alex is the logical thinker, a scientist and teacher. To keep custody of his infant son, the widower must take up his father’s posthumous challenge and make a profit from a Glasgow mill. He is instantly at odds with Polly Gowan, a powerful union leader’s daughter. If he is to gain his workers’ support, he needs her help. If she is to unmask a ruthless saboteur, she needs his aid. As Polly leads Alex through the city, into pub fights and sports matches, he realizes she is the ideal woman for him. When their passions are unleashed, they put their differences aside, and then circumstances force them to marry. As betrayal and misunderstanding threaten to tear them apart, Alex and Polly must put aside pride to save their mill and their marriage. (POCKET, Jul., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin