Image of By Starlight


Image of By Starlight

Few authors can recreate the atmosphere of a 1930s small town as beautifully and faithfully as Garlock. She imbues each story with a classic American aura while creating a touching, realistic plotline peopled by authentic characters.

It’s been seven years since Jack Rucker left Colton — seven years during which Maddy Aldridge has waited for him to return. Maddy is dealing with her broken heart, barely making ends meet in her father’s mercantile. With her father becoming too ill to run the business, Maddy faces a difficult decision: allow a speakeasy to open in the basement, or make an enemy of a ruthless “business partner.” Once he sees her, Jack realizes he needs Maddy and will do anything to reclaim her love and trust. But Jack has a secret that threatens Maddy’s business, their rekindled love and their lives. (GRAND CENTRAL, Aug., 384 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin