Although some of the scientific background detail seems a bit shaky,
Ms. Dawson adds welcome depth to the characterization of her appealing lovers in this attention-grabbing tale.

Life on the lovely Serena's world has always been one of peace and contentment. Little does she know that her visions have drawn strangers from another world to find and abduct her for training as a Trezhella, a telepathic communicator vital to extended space travel.

At first desperately unhappy about her situation, Serena begins to realize that this strange culture offers her a chance to exercise her curiosity in ways that would never be allowed back home. And the chemistry between her and Darian, the ships captain, is certainly ample compensation.

As Serena goes through her training, she finds that she cannot forget Darian. Does he feel the same way? It will take a dangerous expedition to find out whether or not they are soulmates.

(Dec., 358 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer