Image of Starlit: A Novel


Image of Starlit: A Novel

Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place actress Rinna pens an enter- taining, soapy read. Just like you’d expect from a soap opera, there are highs and lows, drugs and sex, sabotage and seduction. Sure the plot’s outrageous, but that is absolutely part of the fun. The soap opera fan in your life is really going to like this one.

Tally Jones dreams of making it big, but the closest she’s gotten so far is waitressing an Oscar party with her friends Mandy and Sadie. But that night Tally kisses hunky actor Gabriel and catches the eye of successful producer Mac. Things keep looking up for Tally as she uses Sadie’s new job as an assistant to an agent to win an audition for the nighttime soap, Dana Point. The show’s lead actress (and mega-lomaniac diva) Susie Sheppard wants out of her contract, and Tally snags the new female lead. But then Susie wants back in, and Tally’s in her way. Tally’s life becomes a series of peaks and valleys as she achieves professional success, followed by financial ruin — and that’s not to mention her mess of a love life. Add in a meddling Susie, and Tally’s life is as wild as her character’s! (GALLERY, Oct., 256 pp., $24.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno