STARMAN (4.5) concludes the powerful Axis Trilogy by Sara Douglass. Axis, Azhure and Faraday have been motivated by the ancient Prophecy of the Destroyer to fulfill their assigned roles, but not without some sacrifice. Axis and Azhure lead the joining of three races with mixed results. Faraday Treefriend plants her seedlings to stop the Goragel's unnatural winter hold on the land. Azhure's latent Icarii powers remain unreachable until Goragel challenges her family in her home and she learns more about her mysterious mother and the Star Dance. This is exciting writing with emotional highs and lows! Ms. Douglass has created a mystical world populated with many vividly portrayed races. (May, 432 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper