Whip out your wallets ASAP—you won't want to miss this book! Hot new author Lynn Hanna makes a spectacular debut with a book that is both magical and magnetic. THE STARRY CHILD is remarkable, and the great news is that a sequel is on the way!

Single mother Rainey Nielson is reaching the end of her rope. The cost of therapy for her eight-year-old daughter Sasha is very high and the insurance money from her husbands death is nearly gone. Sasha has not spoken since the day her father died in a plane crash. Even before that, her language seemed to be made up of a kind of gibberish. In addition, Sasha is exhibiting strange behavior during thunder storms.

By pure luck, Rainey's motherly neighbor Emma sees a video of a younger Sasha gibbering away. Emma realizes that Sasha seems to be speaking an ancient form of Gaelic. Rainey contacts Matt MacInnes, a Stanford Linguist. As soon as Matt meets Sasha, he knows that she is a very special and unique little girl. Sasha has her foot in two worlds, the past and the present.

Matt begins to believe that Sasha is the reincarnation of the legendary Scottish princess Sirona. Centuries before, Sirona died before she could complete her task and free the souls trapped at Glomach. Convincing the modern Rainey that they must travel to Scotland to break an ancient curse won't be easy, but Matt knows for all their sakes, little Sasha must succeed.

(Oct., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith