Image of Starry Night: A Christmas Novel


Image of Starry Night: A Christmas Novel

Macomber can be depended on for an excellent story without a lot of unnecessary drama. Although the novel takes place during Christmastime, there isn’t too much celebrating that would make it unenjoyable to read at any time of year. The interest- ing characters keep the story rather unpredictable. Readers will remain firmly planted in the beginnings of a beautiful love story between two of the most unlikely characters.

Carrie Slayton writes for the society page of a major newspaper. It’s glamorous and stylish — and it’s not at all what she wants. When she threatens to quit, her editor offers her a challenge: If she can get an interview with reclusive author Finn Dalton, she can cover anything she wants. The elusive mountain man living in the wilds of Alaska guards his privacy like the Hope Diamond. But Carrie’s determination is no match for his desire for secrecy and she soon begins to melt away his icy exterior, discovering the charming, yet stub born, man within. They must both make huge compromises to be together. Will love conquer all? (BALLANTINE, Oct., 256 pp., $18.00)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes