Cassiopeia Bentbrooke and her ward lead a quiet life. As an astronomer, Cassie spends her evenings gazing at the stars, continuing the work of her dead father. But life and work are soon interrupted by men interested in her father's journals.

The most interesting and intriguing is Devon Sebastian, Marquis of Renard. Cassie wonders why this sea captain shows such curiosity in her father's work. It's because Devon suspects that the Bentbrooke papers hold the key to a treasure of jewels entrusted to his uncle for safekeeping. To find it, he'll need Cassie's help.

With her debut full-length historical romance, this Regency author gives the reader a nice overview of astronomy along with a charming, sweet love story. SWEET (Jun., 318 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond