Image of Starstruck (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of Starstruck (Mediterranean Nights)
Accompanying her grandfather, '50s movie star Frederick Miles, on a themed cruise aboard Alexandra's Dream is a pleasure for nursery manager Claire Mackenzie -- even before she meets Liam Bates, the assistant cruise director! Not that she's interested in a relationship, but Liam's attractive and safe, since there's a no-fraternization policy. Liam also thinks too much of Claire to settle for a fling, until she says that's exactly what she wants. Then all bets are off! Michelle Celmer's Starstruck (3) is a marvel of balance -- the subplots concerning the "true love" necklace and the secondary romance support the main plot rather than detract from it. But the main reason for keeping Claire and Liam apart -- geography -- is flimsy, as proven by the too-easy solution.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer