Abby Timberlake Washburn is back for another adventure involving murder and antiques. When Abby is hired by Charleston socialite Marina Webbfingers to decorate a B&B, she lets friend Wynnell design the landscape. But Wynnell and Marina have a fight, Marina is killed, and a statue that may have been the murder weapon is missing; Wynnell becomes the prime suspect.

Abby is not about to let her best friend go to jail for a murder she didn't commit, so she begins her own investigation, starting with all the guests who were staying at the B&B at the time of the murder. She suspects that these people are not what they seem. Abby gets an unexpected assist from her long-lost brother Toy.

The latest in Myers' Den of Antiquity series is a fun, entertaining read. Abby is at her best when she's knee-deep in trouble, trying to save those she cares about. The secondary cast of characters is as zany as ever, which makes up for the insipid mystery. (Jun., 356 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Shannon Short