Image of Stay a Little Longer (The Tucker Family Series)


Image of Stay a Little Longer (The Tucker Family Series)

Poignant and quietly powerful, Garlock's Americana love story is filled with tenderness and compassion as she shows ordinary people struggling with the aftermath of a war and finding strength in unlikely places.

After her sister dies in childbirth with her mother midwifing, Louise Watkins assumes the role of town midwife and also takes over the family's boardinghouse. She cares for her 6-year-old niece, Charlotte, as well.

Charlotte discovers a sick, disfigured man living in an isolated cabin and convinces Louise to care for him. As he recovers he offers to work as a handyman around the house, and Louise is drawn to him despite his scars. There is something calming and familiar about him. Their friendship blossoms into more, and only after tragedy strikes is the startling and wonderful truth revealed. (GRAND CENTRAL, Apr., 384 pp., $24.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin