In one moment, everything disenchanted social worker Sarah Jane Tremont knows is swept away. Sarah remembers walking on the beach in L.A. when a storm broke, and then she was in the Wyoming frontier. She makes her way to the nearest farm and is stunned when the rugged cowboy who opens the door claims she is his mean-spirited sister-in-law.

John Beckett watched as Sarah ruined his brother's life. Now his brother is dead and she has the audacity to return. But this Sarah isn't at all like the woman he remembers. She is kind, loving and making him rethink his vow of hatred.

As Sarah adjusts to her new life, she realizes she has been sent back in time to help John heal from the pain of lost love. She tries to do just that before she must return to the present.

Though there is nothing truly innovative in Long's plot, the likable characters and sweet romance are enhanced by the time-travel elements, and readers will wonder if John and Sarah can possibly find a way to stay together. SENSUAL (Jan., 320 pp., $6.50)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin