Image of Stay the Night (Darkyn, Book 7)


Image of Stay the Night (Darkyn, Book 7)

Each new chapter in this saga reveals more details about the plot to destroy the Darkyn. Viehl focuses primarily on a pair of characters for her romantic element, but the rest of the plot revolves around the Darkyn versus the Brethren. Layers upon layers are being slowly peeled away as this series continues to gain momentum. Truly transfixing!

The plan to steal a priceless antique book brings outlaw and immortal Darkyn lord Robin of Locksley into conflict with undercover FBI agent Christina Renshaw. When the legendary Maiden's Book of Hours is stolen and hostages are taken, Chris and Robin must join forces to recover the treasure and save lives. Robin's archenemy Nottingham has formed an alliance with a vengeful Kyn female, and their plot forces Robin to drag Chris into the Darkyn world. The chase leads them to Europe, where the lords of the Darkyn have called a crisis meeting. Can Robin and Chris stop the truly horrendous plot? (ONYX, Jan., 336 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith