Image of Staying at Daisy's


Image of Staying at Daisy's

In Mansell’s latest novel, love is the best houseguest of all. Daisy, the manager of the inn owned by her father, is not looking for love, but Dev is not giving up that easily. He will have to resort to moving in to the inn to make his case. Daisy and Dev are wonderful, charming, stubborn people and they are surrounded by a well-written cast of unique characters. The couples will have readers taking bets on their favorites.

Insanity commences at Colworth Manor when a prestigious wedding brings an obnoxious best man, Dev Tyzak, into innkeeper Daisy MacLean’s life. She is annoyed and frustrated, while Dev is intrigued by the cool blonde with the snotty air. The year before, Daisy was easing herself out of a marriage to her charming — and cheating — spouse and she has no intentions of getting involved with another charmer. Dev’s fascination with Daisy doesn’t decrease when her old boyfriend comes to town. Instead, he turns up the heat, hoping to prove to Daisy that she should be with him. As their relationship evolves, Daisy will have to decide if she is brave enough to take the next step. (SOURCEBOOKS, Mar., 512 pp., $14.00)
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Sabrina Cooper