Just who is Adda Sinclaire? She's a New York Times bestselling author about to find her illustrious livelihood in ruins. Nevertheless, maybe Nick Farnsworth can save her and her career. After all, as Adda says, he is the "most attractive man outside my imagination."

From scenes of the ultimate klutz to pages right out of the headlines, Adda will discover that even Nick can't rescue her from her impending doom. She'll have to go after the truth on her own -- and may God help her.

Although the story doesn't hook you from the beginning and doesn't really start until about three-quarters through the book, it's still enjoyable reading, a hilarious, though sometimes scandalous, look at the world of publishing. Leigh's first inspirational is a crisp and witty story, complete with a journey to faith that isn't contrived. Who would have thought that a historical novelist could nail the chick lit voice so well? Readers will look forward to many more such books. (Mar., 464 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston