Image of Stealing Fire


Image of Stealing Fire

What does one say about an author who gets exponentially better with each book? Graham’s ability to bring history to life is truly remarkable. Readers will easily identify with the larger-than-life heroes from the past in this fast-paced read. This will satisfy history buffs, Egyptophiles and fantasy fans alike.

Alexander the Great has died unexpectedly, and Lydias of Macedon must leave his Great Lord’s body and flee for his life. In the days to come he allies himself with Ptolemy, one of Alexander’s generals, who is going to Egypt. Lydias is surprised to be welcomed by the spirits of Egypt, gods of the black land and souls of the dead alike. Those spirits help Lydias and Ptolemy bring Alexander’s body to Egypt and protect their new home from invasion. Always an honorable man, Lydias is surprised by Isis’ gifts of love and friendship in compensation for past loss. (ORBIT, Jun., 336 pp., $14.99)
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Rhomylly Forbes